Company Overview

Honoring our Heritage

Goldbelt is an Alaska Native Corporation first and foremost, and we draw on and uphold the principles of our culture: family, diligence, and respect. These qualities remind us of our past, define our present, and guide our future. Today, we seek out opportunities both close to home and around the world, all while remaining firmly rooted by the stories, traditions, and courage of our Tlingit culture.

Local Focus, Global Reach

Founded in 1973 and officially incorporated in 1974, Goldbelt, Incorporated is the urban corporation that represents the Juneau area. Goldbelt is an Alaska Native Corporation with a deep connection to both our ancestors and our children – we remember the stories and traditions of the past, while working to build a bright future for our shareholders in Southeast Alaska and beyond.


  • Goldbelt is committed to making a significant and positive difference in the lives of our shareholders.


  • Goldbelt, a successful Alaska Urban Native Corporation owned by Natives, is dedicated to building a bright future for shareholders.

Global operations, local opportunities

Goldbelt’s businesses are as diverse as our people and as strong as our culture. Our deep portfolio features both federal government contracting and Alaska operations, which serve the tourism, transportation, and security industries. Goldbelt’s diversified government contracting subsidiaries offer solutions across four strategically positioned areas: logistics, engineering, and procurement; information technology and cybersecurity; healthcare and medical services; and construction.

Join Us

Why should you join the Goldbelt team? Working with Goldbelt, Inc. or one of our subsidiaries means a bright future with a fast-growing, multifaceted company that offers excellent benefits, opportunities for growth, and a warm, well-balanced workplace inspired by Alaska Native values.

Company Summary
Goldbelt, Inc.
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